Information for Sellers

Selling your home in a challenging market takes expertise.

Whether you are a first time or repeat home seller, we’d like to get involved in your decisions process as soon as possible, to discuss your homes attributes, the timing of the market, and any possible changes you might want to make to the home before you list your property for sale. We can make many recommendations and answer many questions for you, being a professional who spends their days in the local market. We know how Buyers think and make decisions, and that will save you time and money in selling your home and recouping your investments.

The selling  process..

CMA (Comparative Market Analysis): A comprehensive look at a property's current value and marketability. Don’t just settle for a verbal opinion without checking out the research yourself. Choosing the wrong price will cost you time and money. We’re a team with the Seller. Factors we weigh include nearby and comparable listings and property sales, market conditions, appearance, amenities and condition of your home, location,  target buyers, financing, timing you need, and any contingencies you will need.

Listing: When you sign a contract with a Real Estate Agent and Broker to market your property, choose your Listing Agent carefully, find out their methods before you sign. You'll be working with them all the way from initial pricing through sale and closing. Make sure they are knowledgeable and will represent your best interests throughout.

Marketing Savvy Agents know what works and what doesn’t. They don’t just do whatever the homeowner asks for, they target the Buyer. Professionalism and collaboration with you, the Seller, brings the very best results to show your home in its unique and best light.

MLS or Multiple Listing Service is the information database that Agents share about the properties they've listed. Cooperation and a cooperative reputation with other local agents has given us a very successful track record. Most Buyers have their own Buyer’s Agent, so a cooperative listing agent will likely bring you the highest price and best terms in the shortest amount of time.

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